Dell Streak 7 Inch Tablet Price

By | January 15, 2011

Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7 Inch Tablet

The Dell Streak 7 is an upcoming 7 inch Android Tablet from Dell. The Streak 7 is a 3G device sports a 7-inch full touch display with Durable Gorilla glass and runs on Android OS.

The Dell Streak 7 supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB data connectivity and Email and Instant messaging. Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet has built-in GPS, Android Market access and powered by a standard battery.

Dell Streak 7 Tablet Features and Specs:

  • * OS: Android
  • * Display: 7-inch multi-touch display
  • * Durable Gorilla glass touchscreen, Dell Stage UI
  • * Front Camera
  • * Rear Camera
  • * Social networking, GPS, Android Marketplace integrated
  • * 3G, LAN, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth data connectivity
  • * MS Office
  • * Standard Battery

Dell Streak 7 Price:

Dell Streak 7 price and availability is not yet known.

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