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By | February 1, 2011


It’s obvious these days, everyone is using internet on their mobile phones and all the Mobile operators out there are introducing many attracting offers. To browse internet on mobile, we need the settings which we can get either by SMS or manually entering on your cell phone.

How to Receive Airtel GPRS Settings Via Message?

Simply send an SMS <MO> to <2567>. You’ll not be charged anything as this is a toll-free number. The Mobile Office (GPRS) Settings will be delivered directly to your mobile phone in a SMS. Just save these settings and you’re ready to browse the internet.

There might be some situations where you may not receive settings even after sending message! In that scenario you’ll have to enter these GPRS settings manually. (Follow below instructions)

  1. Go to Internet Settings Option on your mobile. It differs w.r.t the handset
  2. Create a new GPRS Profile with the following inputs
  3. Access point name (apn):
    Data bearer :GPRS or Packet Data
    Preferred access point : No
    Username and password: Leave it blank
    Proxy :Enabled / yes.
    Proxy and Server Address:
    Proxy and Server Port : 8080

  4. Now, Save these settings and activate the profile. After that remove and re-insert the SIM card to apply changes. (It’s not required in some situations)

Airtel GPRS Plans

There are many mobile internet plans available for you on Airtel with prices ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.450. You can choose from the below GPRS plans that suits your needs.

  1. Rs.10/day plan: 100MB Free per day
  2. Activation:

    Simply Dial  *567*12#
    Send SMS <SUB 10> to <567567 >


    Just Dial *567#
    Send SMS <UNSUB 10> to <567567 >

    Note: You’ll be charged 20p/50kb after the free limit exceeded.

  3. Rs.19/3day plan: 200MB Free for 3 days
  4. Activation:

    Simply Dial  *567*13#
    Send SMS <SUB 19> to <567567 >


    Just Dial *567#
    Send SMS <UNSUB 19> to <567567 >
    Get a E-Recharge of Rs.19 to avail this plan directly

    Note: You’ll be charged 30p/50kb after the free limit exceeded.

  5. Rs.98/month GPRS plan : 2GB Free for 30 days.
  6. Activate:

    Just Recharge with Rs.98 (E-Recharge)

    Note: You’ll be charged 30p/50kb after the free limit exceeded.

  7. Rs.99/month GPRS Plan :
  8. 1GB Free for 30 days
    500 SMS (Local & STD)
    Rs.30 Talk Time
    Rs.30 Worth Hello Tunes Rental

    Note: You’ll be charged 30p/50kb after the free limit exceeded.

Unlimited Mobile Internet Browsing Plans

  1. Rs.20/day : Unlimited Access for 24 hrs
  2. Activate:

    Dial  *266*1#


    Dial *266*2#

  3. Rs.450 Plan : Unlimited Browsing for 1 month
  4. Activation:

    Simply recharge with Rs.450 (E-Recharge)

Read : Activation and deactivation Cost for all the data plans is free.

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