Pressure Measurement Devices

Gravitational transducers A dead weight tester Manometer Elastic transducers ( Force summing Transducers) Bourdon tube pressure gauge elastic diaphragm gauges bellow gagues Bellow gaugues to measure gauge pressure Bellow gauge to measure differential pressure Strain gauge pressure cells. Flattened tube pressure cell (PINCHED TUBE). Cylindrical type pressure cell. Mcleod vacuum gague. Thermal conductivity gauges. Pirani gauge. Thermocouple typre… Read More »

Terms related to pressure

Atmospheric pressure: The pressure due to air surrounding the earths surface is called as atmosperic pressure. Absoulte pressure: It is known that pressure is force per unit area when the interaction of fluid particles among themselves is zero, a zero pressure intensity will occur. This is possible only when the population of molecules is negligibly small which is… Read More »

Introduction to pressure measurement

It is time to know about pressure measurement.. In general, pressure is represented as force per unit area. The measurement of pressure is one of the most important measurements, as it is used in almost all industries. Some important appilications of pressure measurement is listed. 1. The pressure of steam in a bolier is measured for ensuring safe… Read More »

Pressure Gauge Calibration

Before getting into the intricacies of pressure gauge calibration it’s really important to know what calibration means. Do you know what calibration is? Well, calibration is a process of determining equipment’s measuring accuracy. The process involves obtaining a reading from the instrument and measuring its variation from the reading obtained from a standard instrument. Calibration of several instruments… Read More »

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors – CO2 detectors

Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors – CO2 detectors The infrared spectroscopy is actually based on the concept of gas molecules that absorb infrared light and other gases that occur at a specific wavelength. Usually, a thermopile which has a built-in filter is useful to detect the specific amount of gas. For example, carbon dioxide is considered to be a… Read More »

Know about the Different Types of Pressure Gauges

Did you know that the instrument behind measuring air pressure is called a pressure or vacuum gauge? Well, yes many techniques have been invented to measure the air pressure. The pressure gauge is one of them which defines and measures the air pressure. It is used to measure both high and low vacuum. There are different types of gauges… Read More »


Thermo hygrometer is used for measuring the humidity, temperature & has an integrated real time display. Do you know what humidity is? Humidity is the concentration of water vapour in the atmosphere and it is represented by a percentage. This instrument is the device with in-buillt sensors that measure humidity and temperature of the air. This reading is… Read More »

Digital GPS Clocks

                      Digital GPS Clock (Model AI-GPS-M4 ) Digital GPS Based Clocks manufactured by Ace Instruments are highest accuracy digital indoor clocks with time synchronisation to Global Position Satellite system.The GPS Clock accepts the Global Positioning Satellite Time of the country of use. It is accurate to 500 millisecs & uses a wired… Read More »


Hospitals play an important role in taking care of patients and they also deal with several critical cases that professionals handle on a regular basis. This implies that the professionals in a hospital need to be efficient in their daily work so that people feel better which in turn boosts productivity. In the case of hospitals, productivity is… Read More »

Five Things to Remember while Choosing a Data Loggers

Data logger is an electronic device that records measurements at regular intervals. Different data logger includes the measurement of air temperature, relative humidity, AC/DC current and voltage, differential pressure, intensity of light, temperature of water, water level, dissolved oxygen, soil moisture, wind speed and direction, rainfall, pulse signals and many more. It’s a compact and battery-powered device equipped… Read More »